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Take your vacation to new heights with a Jetpack Rental...the first Jetpack Rental Operation in Rogue Valley offers flights aboard these custom-designed packs. This exhilarating experience takes riders to new heights.

The future is here...are you ready to fly? Click here to view a video of Jetpack in action.



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Our Future Depends On Your Complete Satisfaction !!!

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zapata racing flyboard rentals southern oregonPricing - Click HERE --



Are you ready to Fly?


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Session-Based Rentals

Operators offer15, 20, 30 minute or one hour introductory flights


Typically targeted to a couple or groups
Trips are for a longer duration (2-6 hours)
Given the location, groups can be taken on tours of local points of interests (i.e. cliffs, islands, coves, etc.)
Services often include meals and perhaps other amenities
Parties, Events & Demonstrations

Off-site, Customized Events


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Charges based on time and not necessarily number of consumers
Group Get togethers, company retreats and off-site Planning

Flyboard or Jetpack Original Flight Experience
Flight Experience Rental -- PRICING CLICK HERE --

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jetpack rentals canyon lakeWeekday Flight Experience
45 min class with 15 min flight time

Weekend Flight Experience

45 min class with 15 min flight time


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There are three unique sensations when you fly the Jetpack.

  1. The most intriguing sensation is the feeling of weightlessness. As soon as sufficient lift is applied, you and the jetpack become weightless and levitate in the air, and even small amounts of force will move or turn you. You will feel some pressure from the saddle and the trapeze, but usually no more than from riding a bicycle.
  2. The second unique sensation is suspended height. Even if you are an airplane or helicopter pilot, few have ever experienced the sensation of being suspended up to three-storey high with no visible support from above or beneath your feet. 30 feet may not sound very high but it can seem a lot higher in a jetpack, and the unique perspective from that height is incredible.
  3. The third unique sensation is the absolutely amazing three dimensional freedom of movement. Once you learn how to fly, you can travel in any direction, at any height, and at any speed that the system will carry you. With a thrust-to-weight ratio of up to 2.5:1 at the water, there is nothing else that can come close to its agility.

If your a first time flyer please start with our Jetpack Flight Experience Package - Click Here


Training Videos Click Here


Now available in Southern Oregon and at Canyon Lake Texas...the coolest, most exhilarating watersports ride of your life - the new Jetpack ! You can literally fly over the Lake, soar up to 30 feet in the air...or hover and walk along the water. JetLev is unlike any thrill ride you'll ever experience.

Take your vacation to new heights with a Hwy 66 Motorsports Jetpack Rentals...the first Jetpack Rental Operation in Southern Oregon and Texas offers flights aboard these custom-designed packs. This exhilarating experience takes riders to new heights.

The future is here...are you ready to fly? Click here to view a video of Jetpack in action.

Anytime Flight Timefor Returning Pilots

flyboard rentals canyon lake texas$99 = 30 min Flight Time

$200 = 60 min Flight Time

* Click here to review the Jetpack Release of Liability Agreement. Please note, this form must be signed at our Adventure Center before your Jetpack experience. For safety information and helpful tips, please review Jetpack Code of Conduct.

Must be 16 years of age to fly. To learn to fly Jetpack, every guest must attend the Jetpack Flight Center flight Experience intro class (30 minutes). The actual flight experience requires about 1 hour to complete with 15 minutes of airtime. The system is powered by 450 lbs of thrust from a 255 HP SuperCharged engine, which can propel the pilot to heights of 30 feet. it can fly 15 mph and the throttle can also be controlled remotely by the flight-instructor which will guide the rider how to use the controls during their initial flight to ensure a safe and controlled experience. A flight assistant on a waverunner will also accompany each JetLev pilot to ensure a safe and uninterrupted flight experience. Go-Pro video footage and still shots are also available to document your ride of a lifetime.

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